#Breaking! The GoldFish Report No. 133 Exo/Geo Political Round Table with Cobra, Benjamin Fulford, and Kauilapele September 20, 2017

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Louisa hi everyone, welcome to the GoldfFish Report! I am your host Louisa and I am joined today by my co-host Steve, How are you, Steve? Steve Hi to everybody, good to be here! Louisa … and we have a special round table again today for you, with very special guests, we have Cobra with us today, how are you Cobra? Cobra I’m fine, thank you, I would like to say ´Hi!` to everybody and I think this will be very interesting exchange happening today. Louisa  Thank you Cobra, I think so too, and …of course, for the first time on the Goldfish Report, we have Benjamin Fulford joining us. Welcome to the Goldfish report, Benjamin. Benjamin Thanks for having me! Louisa Or should I say ` Konnichi Wa` …. thank you….I think your volume made a … just adjust your volume a little bit. Benjamin well, I have to speak louder because I had a head set failure. Louisa ok! Not a problem, but maybe a little closer to the mic. KP (as long as you don’t have a head failure, that would be ok)….
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Steve  (that’s coming, that’s coming, don’t worry) … Louisa ok! Everybody knows who that is, that’s KP, Kauilapele from Hawaii, welcome to the Goldfish Report KP. KP  well, is great to be  around the round table, and I first already want to thank you for bringing this group together . I was talking with someone today that just happened to show up on the big island and tried to buy me a Mocha but I already paid for it, but we talked, and they were just quite amazed at how you bring all these people together … so, I think is wonderful what you are doing. So keep doing that Benjamin .. can you hear me now? Louisa yes! That’s great. Benjamin  sorry, I got a new headset, it’s gonna work, all right, good! Louisa alright, excellent, so gentlemen weare  going to talk about a lot of topics today. We are going to talk about exo-politics, geopolitics, current events and all kinds of things and why don’t we start with Benjamin since this is your first time on the GoldFish Report. Benjamin, there is a lot going on, we had the President [Trump] gave an address at the seventy second general assembly of the United Nations yesterday, there is a lot of hope that we have some control of what’s going on, even geopolitically, so, can you give us a little update as to  where we are, geopolitically and where do you think we are going? Benjamin Well…I listened to the speech and you know, he said some good sort of general stuff, that we want to be friendly and  all the nations should be sovereign and things, but then, he repeated a whole bunch of lies, like about Venezuela, about North Korea, about Iran, about Syria, clearly meet with his really(the Israeli) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and obviously he blackmailed him into something because he read an Israeli script which is not compatible with what’s happening on the ground where you actually have forces, American forces fighting with Iranians and with the Russians and with Hezbollah and against IS, which is an Israeli proxy mercenary army, as we all know, because even Israel newspapers like Haaretz reports that I.S fighters have been treated in Israeli hospitals. So what Trump read, the speech he read was given to him by his Zionist handlers, is not compatible with the reality of the world, that’s my best understanding. However, the threats against North
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Korea are really related to the United States trying to get more money after December. Now, you know, a lot of people think that is an internal American thing about lifting the debt ceiling past 23 trillion dollars and is all in between, you know, it has to do with the Congress and the president making a deal…well that’s just face-saving BS, ok? The United States runs … let’s forget about financial, you know, fizz, let’s talk about real things, you know, cars and people and stuff they put in boxes…and the Americans, you know, they are running about, for 40 years they have been buying stuff from the rest of the world and not paying for it, and that’s the real world, that’s the real world, not the financial numbers like this stock market, you know, reaching ever new highs, never mind reality. And, so, they are blustering, they are saying, hey, if you don’t keep giving us money we’ll gonna start world war 3, and I have advice, I had an actual meeting with, you know, people who…I mean, who can tell, you know…powerfull people, alright? In Asian secret societies and real life, real-world people and I told them, call their bluff, they’re not gonna destroy the world, they can’t, they won’t be allowed to …let’s bankrupt these bastards once and for all, is time to do it. We’ve had enough! Louisa ok! Right off the top  Judge Anna von Reitz had published a response to your recent post and it was regarding, claiming that we are not bankrupt, that we are not really begging,  for money because, there’s plenty of money and it’s only the U.S.A-INC….Incorporation that is banckrupt…did you want to respond to her? Benjamin yeah, I mean, I agree with her, completely… and it is just this corporate entity and its employees in Washington DC. Who has less than 10% public support that we are talking about. We’re not talking about the Republic of the United States or the American people, they’re gonna be just fine, you know, I mean, ask the Russians if they are better now then when there was the Soviet Union. They all say, now! The same thing, is gonna be a very good thing for the Americans, ok? We must dissociate this corrupt, blackmailed, pedophiles, gangsters, in Washington DC and the corporate structure that their employes them, with the United States of America, they are not the same. We need to, you know, United States needs to remove those parasites a.s.a.p.The entire world wants them too. Louisa Judge Anna von Reitz uses the word vermin. So, let’s go over the Cobra…thank, you Benjamin. Let’s go to Cobra and Cobra, what can you tell us in terms of the balance of power on the world stage here. Do you
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want to comment on anything Benjamin said and add to that? Cobra, did I mute you, I did…ok…sorry about that, ok! Cobra  ok. Basically, I would agree with that…I would say that the Light Forces are…they are progressing slowly but this progress is not yet shown on the surface, is not yet shown in the daily news. It can not be shown in the daily news simply because the many things are happening behind the scenes and the media will not report this until the media are under control of the Light Forces. So, it’s not possible to judge what is happening geopolitically reading newspapers. If you read Benjamin’s reports you will get much closer to the real picture and then again, there are other factions and other factors involved which also add to the picture, so I would say, there are deeper interest groups which will determine what’s going on on the planet. Steve Cobra, would you have any other comments on Benjamin’s post? Cobra you would need to be more specific… Steve,  for instance, the blustering that Trump is doing, do you feel that he is in the pocket of these interest groups or, how do you feel, what’s his game at the moment? Cobra  basically, he is trying to …he is serving his own self-interest. He is trying to navigate between various groups, the positive and negative ones and I would say that his policy is not consistent, I would say he does not  have more power than most humans at this particular moment. That is why his actions feel sometimes chaotic or illogical for some people, and some people say this is some fifth dimensional chess, it is not   Steve,  certainly it does… Cobra  is simply a person trying to navigate between various factions… he does not have inner strength to have his own policy. Steve right. And how do the White Dragon society, or the secret societies fit into all of this, according to you, Cobra? Cobra  ok, there are many different Dragon groups, many different Dragon factions and I would say many of them are now coming to the …in full action now, simply because the time of liberation is approaching and geopolitical balance is moving and east it’s having more power, I would say is an overall strategic plan which has been started many decades ago
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and is now reaching the crescendo, so The Dragon Families, different Dragon Families that are forming an alliance,  are working behind the scenes.Number one, do disarm the Cabal financially and number two, to disarm the Cabal with information, so we have a financial war going on and we have an information war going on. Louisa Exactly! And so…and recently KP had a post talking about being on the edge…and another post, talking about way too much information…and I think…do you want to elaborate on that? Because I think this is all kind of tide into this is like the same war drum being beat over and over again, and …I related to your post. KP  well, I was… part of that has to do with… you know, …I think a lot of that is going to phases and I’ve been to a phase where was like it seems to be so much coming out and its almost like we’re getting  blasted woth so much information coming from a lot of different sites and if I watch youtube, I can just, you know, freak out by watching all the things that are going on over there, but…I think one of the things that did I want to kind of check in with, Benjamin, was, you know, we talked about doing meditation and working with energies and we each seem to have our own path and our own roles in that field, but I wonder how does the Withe Dragon society, do they work together as sort of in prayer together and in meditation together, energetically together, is that kind of sometimes …do they work this way? Benjamin Before I get into that, I just want to add on Cobra’s comments there about Trump, because if you study logic and consistency, you’ll see the man contradicting himself over Syria, over Iran, over a lot of things, depending on who he last talked to, and is exactly like Obama. You know, one day Obama said  Assad is evil, we’re gonna destroy him, next day he says `Ok! We’re gonna work with him´, and we have this two powers still duking it out and you can see that with, I think military, Pentagon, in this case, they’re trying to do the right thing and it’s… the owners of the Federal Reserve Board, you know, what I call the Kazharian mafia, you know, the people who control the dollar printing press, who are the bad guys, overall. But, as far as the White Dragon society concerned, what we’re doing is, we concentrate on convincing people who have power, especially the actual military power to do good. In other words, they are saying you are the good guys, we are here to protect the weak and the innocent, we are supposed to follow the rules of shilvery, which means
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we don’t attack women and children and non-combatants, we don’t strike the first blow, but…we have been attacked and we’re entitled to legitimate self-defence, morally, as long as, you know, we obey the lows of chivalry, so we concentrate on… the spiritual aspect of it is changing the minds of the people with the guns. Like the chairman Mao said, `power grows out of barrel of a gun`, but I disagree, power grows from the mind of the man holding the gun, you change their mind, then you can change the world because, these are the people who have the ability to actually make things happen, in terms of getting rid of bad guys, and that’s what we have been doing. The White Dragon society is trying to convince people in the military, in the mercenary companies, in various secret societies, that we all have a common interest in saving the planet and, you know, creating a much better planet, and a lot of them have agreed and that’s why I think we see a lot of changes. I personally meditate but we don’t do mass prayers or anything like that. Steve  Why have they been quite up until now, Benjamin, it seems that only through you, I guess, we’ve heard about them, they have been there for thousands of years, I guess, it’s a long time, so why now? Benjamin  Well, they’ve gone by different names, you know, over the years, is not…the White Dragon is a name that I personally coined as an umbrella name for things that have already existed and it came from the Japanese Goddess Benten who, the legend (says) there was a huge white dragon that was terrifying people and she convinced him to become the protector of the weak and the innocent and …so that was a metaphor for the military-industrial complex to get them to change their mind and I was asked by asian secret societies to find good people in the western world and there are plenty of them and we did …I’ve met people from FSB, MI6, CIA, Illuminati, the Royal Families, you name it…and talked to them and convinced them, you know, `Hey, let’s save the planet, let’s not fight each other` and this is sort of snowballed and now are people all over the world and very powerful people and it’s actually making things happen but, you see, we are more about doing than talking, we are not out here to blow our horn, or advertise ourselves, we’re out to make actual things happen. Louisa Thank you, Benjamin, let me go to Cobra for a second, Cobra, recently Kim Jong Un obtained an H-bomb, as we all know, was a registered at the seismometer at 6.3, where did he get this from and do you think that


Benjamin strategy to …yes, is two questions…do you think Benjamin’s strategy to call their bluff is a good one?…or whoever came up with that… Cobra  yes, yes, of course, it’s always good to expose what is happening. I would just have a comment here on what Benjamin said. Very important. Yes, the military does have power, but many people are asking why the positive military around the world does not take action? It is because there is something else behind the scenes going on, and it’s a small group, very dangerous group that has exotic weapons and it is actually a very small group of people on the positive side that can deal with that kind of thing, and is a very small group inside the military on the positive side that can deal with…let’s say, plasma toplet bombs and things of that nature. So, what we are having here, this stand off that we are having on the planet is a result of very advanced technology. It is not just changing the minds of the people. There are good people who know exactly what’s going on and are resolving this issue but the problem is that ….I would say, the planetary war is a reflection the galactic war between the light and dark, which is an ancient conflict that’s going on for millions of years and is now finally resolving, and what we are having here is that ultimately, a state of consciousness and spirituality, is mind over matter, will disarm this technology, and this is from my perspective and from the perspective of the Resistance Movement why it is important to have meditations, to create a consciousness resonance field on the planet that will support the actions of the Light Forces and their advanced technology to disarm the advanced technology that, I would say, the negative military factions has. And this is far more advanced and far more exotic than the nuclear bombs. Nuclear bombs are not an issue, the Resistance can dissolve them in 15 minutes. It’s not a problem. More exotic technologies are an issue and here we can touch the Secret Space Program and various space factions and …it is very down to earth situation, what we are having here on the planet, is an interplanetary conflict which is happening on the physical plane. It is not exposed in the media, it is hidden, but it is real and is affecting every human being on this planet. Steve So I guess that is a very important information that is actually a question of consciousness that…the battle is waged on this level, and we should not forget that everything else is smoke in mirrors, isn’t it?
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Cobra it’s one big part of the situation, is not the whole situation but consciousness is very important. Steve  and it’s all cyclical, we’ve been here before, haven’t we Cobra? In humanity cycles…it’s a big cycle that is returning again, it’s that right? Cobra yes, yes… Louisa  well,  Cobra has talked about this before, that, you know, `we think, we create`…we think, therefore,…you are what you think!, and so, we manifest, we create, and especially now, I think, KP, you might be able to talk about this, with these energies rising, the way they are, and then Cobra can as well and then Benjamin…but with the energies rising the way they are, we are really,…well, we just had an interview with a doctor who was guided by St.Germain to provide a meditation, an affirmation I should say, which helps to repair…to reconnect the DNA. It is a twelve by twelve, you do it 144 times, it’s a lot, but supposedly guided, directed by St. Germain, which it helps to restore the DNA, in which case we are much more powerful beings and we can manifest so Cobra, what you are saying is that, …I don’t think we can underestimate enough, because I don’t think we can….we have to really communicate the fact that we are manifesters, we are co-creators and with our thoughts we create and we’ve been so disempowered, our messages through religion, through politics, through this social engineering, we’re going to talk about this social engineering which is just gone so way out of control. But is to keep us all divided. We can’t, we must make it for doing this interview, doing the joint meditation, to continue these global meditation to have this effect. So, let me just go to KP first, because I know you were part of that last meditation and you are like …you know, you are such a great barometer, and I’ve said that in our last interview, about the energies that are on the planet, so KP, what’s going on with the energies and how can we utilise them to do what Cobra is saying we should do. KP That’s a big question …the thing that I think that is important is that, no matter where we are at,….one of the big things that, of course, is happening, is that people are becoming much more aware, much more conscious of everything, and that includes the disinformation that is put out there in the mainstream, by the mainstream media but also by all these different characters around the Lightworkers, sometimes they are more like, you know, I ….but I think, the real thing that is waking up in
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myself and a lot of other people is the discernment, able to kind of discerning what makes sense for themselves. I don’t know, I think Benjamin works on a certain level and he has got his connections and as far as the intel goes , there is no way I’m gonna try and do what Benjamin does. I, and the same with anyone else…but the meditation that we had, I felt, you know, to me is always an inner thing, is following the inner guidance, the depth from the solar plexus and no matter what anybody else says, I always look at, you know, whether is what you write, what Benjamin writes, what Cobra writes…is like, does it really sort of  the bell inside and I don’t know if that.. some of the people that I see, also …they’re are acting like repeaters or amplifiers of information, and so… I just put a note before I started… part of what I think is… a lot of us I think, my self, is going through,  is a short of a pause in doing what we may be doing for a while and realising that is time to release that, a kind of go of that role and clearing out things that maybe don’t serve us anymore and then allowing  doing our service to ourselves and to humanity. So, I don’t know what’s going on with me personally but I know that I’ve got a new computer now…and there is a new computer, I’ve got a new webcam and all this kind of stuff, but a part of it is not the physical technology but connecting with really all the things that are coming to the planet right now. So, I don’t know if that means anything to anybody but, Louisa  Well, Kp, if it’s happening to you is gonna happen to us next, it’s always how it happens…. So talking about clearing things, let me just see, Cobra, do you have any comments on anything, thus far… Cobra  yes, I would actually say that the energies which are coming from the Galactic Center are something that everybody can feel one way or another, they might have not the same works on what’s going on. Everybody feels it’s a big purification taking place, that we are not in usual times, that something out of ordinary is happening with the weather, with the political systems, with humanity, that we are on a brink of something. Everybody can feel that one way or the other, even people on the street if you ask them, they would feel something. They might not know exactly what it is but they feel something and this is the underlying energetic signature of the change and this will culminate in the Event and this is what we are all working for, one way or the other, through our own perspectives.
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Louisa  well, we have seen, like you were saying Cobra, these X-class flares from the Sun, we have this proton radiation, really kind of…even the other one that glanced the Earth the other day, we still got some of that proton radiation. How does that effects what’s going on, and then I wanted to go to Benjamin and talk about the geoengineering that you talked about in your last report. Because of oceans, seas and bay’s Are disappearing, and I want to talk with Benjamin about that, maybe Cobra wants to comment about that? Benjamin  …Ok!…first of all, I wanna talk about this whole Spiritual Battle again, just because it is important. If you look at the news you see the current controllers need fear and hate, so they manufacture these terrorist incidents and they say, oh we have to hate the terrorists, we’ve got to be afraid of them, we’ve got to fear North Korea, we’ve got to fear that they have nuclear weapons, you know, that they just constantly scaremongering, but then you also see the news things like agreements to make new nature preserves, new aquatic preserves or an agreement not to attack Iran and so…there is a group in power that is trying to keep us scared, trying to keep us angry, trying to keep these negative emotions going, so really, it is a battle over the psychological process of deciding what we as a species  do in the future. And the people that have been controlling us for thousands of years through fear and hate and violence and intimidation are losing power. But, yeah, I have to be especially careful because I am in a short of ending fight short of things, to be careful and not become what I am trying to fight, by getting too angry about what they are doing, you know…this is the sort of thing that we all have to be careful about. Now, as far as Geo-engineering concerns, you know, I was very skeptical, coming as I do from the very, you know, 3D, here-now, world that I spent my entire life in, but I always followed the investigative trail and set facts and look into things and sure enough, the people who, …and are a lot of people, especially what Cobra calls service population, they still don’t believe that in weather warfare and manufactured earthquakes. And what this person, and I do to this people, I direct them to, for example, the June 18th-20th New York Times or other world newspapers headlines, about a treaty between…and this is 1976- 1978, I can’t remember which of the two,…of a treaty between the Soviet Union and the United States, not to attack each other with the earthquake weapons or weather weapons and they don’t make a treaty like that unless such things exist and then is so much more
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information out there, it used to be a column in the newspaper talking about this stuff and now they are trying somehow make it seem like it didn’t happen but I think more and more people are realising, yes, there are people in power who have been using this thing and they are not very nice people. Now,  there were no hurricanes hitting the U.S for 12 years, which has never happened since they started recording Hurricanes, you know, over a hundred years ago and then suddenly five, all at once, just as the U.S year end payment deadline comes up, so somebody is in geoengineering weather control apparatus in the U.S suddenly decided…there’s been a change there. Now, I met people from the asian secret society who told me that China was hit with a bunch of this weather warfare attackes with big tailfins in Hainan and Hong Kong and they have retaliated and that was causing the hurricanes off the U.S. I don’t know, I just tell you what my sources told me. But yes, this technology exists. Now, they keep reporting, but one thing I can also say is Japan is being protected because they keep saying ‚they gonna make huge typhoon, they gonna evacuate’ and nothing happened. I live here. The Typhoon means big wind, heavy rain but they die before they cause a real damage here. Louisa  So, Benjamin, are you saying that the non-proliferation agreement does not include exotic weapons or earthquake weapons? Benjamin  what I am saying is…there was a treaty in the past and then, after the fall of Soviet Union, people in the western power structure they suddenly thought they had a carte-Blanche to start to use this stuff again. And the really nasty example was the hurricane Katrina, which was used, I remember at that time, to see if they could use natural disasters as a way to get people in the concentration camps, and they targeted African Americans in New Orleans for this experiment…fortunately it was a huge revoltion towards the Bush administration and their actions after Katrina, which cause them to backpedal and turn the operation into a failure, but they were trying to do that.    Louisa Ok, Cobra, I know in your last post you did post an image of a document that was basically directions on … Steve A Patent?
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Louisa well, no, this was directions to execute an order for controlling the hurricane, so, do you want to tell us what is going on with that? How all this water is now disappearing, let’s see: Tampa Bay, Long Island, St.Martin down in the Carribean, Baja California, I mean these are huge areas of water disappearing. Cobra Ok, I just posted that document to show some evidence that weather modification is real and it was actually happening on the very day that hurricane Irma appeared, actually no, this was for hurricane Harvey, before. On the very day that that hurricane appeared, there was a cloud seeding taking place in certain areas of Texas. So this simply shows that weather modification is real. But now, we have the counter medicine, we have our mass meditations. We had a mass meditation for hurricane Irma and the effect on Florida of this meditation was quite strong, there were expected winds in Tampa. They were expecting the winds to be 140 miles per hour and the actual wind was maybe 20 or 30 miles per hour, so this …you can see how effective we can be. And we have created a blog which has daily meditations for all the current hurricanes, all the current weather modification events around the world and we have a Prepare for Change group in Japan, it’s quite strong and they meditated and they have managed to dissipate the hurricane before hit Japan, quite much. And the same with Taiwan, the hurricane did not hit Taiwan. And countless other locations were weakened with our group consciousness, we diverted all those engineered weather events. There are many factors to this and I have mentioned this already, it’s increased activity of the Sun, because of the increased activity of the Galactic Center, and this activity is triggering Earth purification, so part of this increase is part of a natural process, but this natural process is being manipulated by the Cabal and they want to turn natural purification into a disaster, and again, I have shown and we have shown that we have a countermeasure to this, we can dissolve those big natural disasters into much, much less harmful storms that will not have such a big impact on Humanity. Louisa It is very true Cobra, there was definitely a change after the meditation for Irma and I think, while I keep going back to KP and saying that KP is a very good barometer, it’s like what’s happen on the large scale, happens to KP, like you can read his blog and notice what was happening on a larger scale. KP you talk about more to cleanse or more to release, more to release and …you know I am reading your blog,
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because I am reading all these things,…and this is happening on a global scale, just like Cobra is saying. KP sounds…you know…we are all connected to the whole consciousness of the planet,  I believe that the planet itself has a consciousness, if you want to call it like that, ..  I think one of the things that clarified things for me was when I was at David Wilcock, one of David Wilcock presentations at Contact in the Desert, and one of the things that stood out was that we are actually, and there is evidence for this, I mean, there was a scientist, I am not sure whether was from Russia or it was, but essentially proved that we are actually going, the whole solar system is going to this energetic cloud, because it’s a cloud, and we’re connected to what is happening, we can all feel it, and I suppose there is a reason for it, I don’t know what we can do about it, but for me, I know that for myself is like …allow the changes to happen, allow the inner workings, the things that need to be released, you know, let them go. And, whether this reflects the various levels, political levels or things like that, I think individually, I am not interested in that, or I’m not connected to that. But every person, every being that wakes up, every being that wakes up and begins to accept this – wow, this is an amazing thing that we are going through right now, we’re really waking up and we can share our experiences, and however it is, whether is me or Cobra or yourself or Benjamin, you know, we’re sharing what we see and what we are conscious off and…it’s like, is just like feeling more and more alive all the time, because individually we’re waking up to what we need to release, what we spiritually need to release, and I say `I don’t have to carry that anymore, I don’t have to carry that around anymore and I don’t have to become…, that’s the thing about me, is very important what Benjamin said, that we don’t want to become what we’re trying to…what we’re facing…you know. Louisa yes that’s right KP and that can go from all sort of things, and there is, … this wonderful labeling program that people put in, all liberal and conservative or this or that and it’s like, you know, they are trying to become, they are becoming what they are trying to confront. And this so-called `liberals`, they are not liberated, they are just following a different, program, they flit from one program to another program
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Louisa … sorry … KP I don’t know if that makes any sense but, Steve it does, it does KP I don’t make a lot of sense Steve,  I stay here and I try… Louisa, It makes perfect sense, KP, I’m sorry Steve, I cut you off, sorry, … it makes perfect sense and it’s the insanity at the time we’re living in right now, is like kind of we are stuck between dimensions. This is the way it is, I think! This is a kind of really like Benjamin is saying, sorry Steve, …it was like Benjamin is talking about these real 3D concepts and Cobra and KP are kind of, you know, is the Cobra trying to bridge this two worlds, which is really difficult position to do, but you do it very eloquently Cobra. And then you have KP, really on the spiritual side, who acknowledge this 3D, like, I am out of here, I am going to other dimensions. Go ahead, Steve, I just wanted to mention this… Steve No, no, I basically gonna say the same thing, that sitting here, listening to this three people I’ve got different perspectives on the same, we’re all trying to  ahea and I am always trying to, first of all, understand on a political level, on an emotional and psychological level, why are we in this miss on this planet and I guess goes back Sicily and in repeating patterns that just rises  and repeat in the universe and so, I am trying to find out in my own perspective, how I fit into this, how I can make a difference, it’s a conscious aspect, I need to educate myself; I think everybody has a responsibility to that otherwise things are gonna stay the same. So, we have to, first of all, understand politically, what Benjamin spoke about to be sensitive, Kp’s way, to understand what Cobra is all about, to understand that is a Secret Space program, that we are all consciousness and we need to make…change ourselves to change everything. So, I am absolutely fascinated by this group. I think this is a micro, this is a microcosmos of the macro cosmos, what we are discussing here. But I don’t understand is why these people, these secret societies don’t get the ones that don’t want to change understand that we are going to a shift, move with it or you’ll be left by the wayside. Benjamin, I direct this at you, why don’t they get that?
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Benjamin  well, there are people who get incredible money and power from the system as it is. They are like the people that are in charge hoarding the sheeple around, and they get huge rewards, they don’t want to lose that privilege and power. And…what I find is that the key is at the level right below the top level of power, these are people like I used to be, I was the Asian-pacific buro-chief for Fox news.magazine, I see the people in power from close up and there are a lot of people like that, you know, working as journalists or … Steve like in the …. Benjamin ….big bureaucracy, but they are not right at the top. And these are the people who have the ability to change it, and the way you can do that is by making them think. For example, when I was in the mainstream news business, I would be reading 5-6 newspapers every day and a bunch of magazines and watching the TV, monitors were on, you know, like CNN, NHL and all the other stuff, and you are overwhelmed with the flow of information, you are just a short of flowing along with it, and you don’t have time to step back and think. But when you do have time to step back and think, you start to see things. So, for example, at one point I realized that for about 30 years they’ve been saying in every week in the news that Iran was two or three weeks away from getting nuclear weapon.I’ve said- What do you mean? For 30 years have been saying two or three weeks, it is something wrong here, this is not working, you know. And you see a lot of this repetition, this cycles of …they keep regurgitate the same old script Steve (entrainment.)   Benjamin  yeah, but they lose their ability, for example, when they hit that concert venue in Paris, they got a huge spike of fear in the world psyche but then they repeated on other concert venues and a lot of this is just fake and anyway it didn’t have the same effect. Their tools are starting to   Steve …to weaken… Benjamin …to apart, to weaken. And they can’t scare us anymore, like in Japan here, you know, they are going North Korea, North Korea, North Korea, every day on the TV, you know, but people are just short of , they’re losing the ability to scare us, and this is very, very important.
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Steve So, what you are saying Benjamin …sorry…they’re locked into this media brainwashing cycle, but… Benjamin Ok, for example, …I give you an example, I talked with a senior Japanese gangster last night, who works for the government, and he’s…you know, they get billions of dollars, literally, from the government, to keep you know, everybody in line. And they say, we’re not gonna give up that gravy train, you know, I get my fancy cars and my fancy women and my big place and no, I’m not gonna give up, sorry, that was the answer when I tried to convince him to work for the good guys. Steve So, Cobra, can I just quickly ask Cobra, look, that’s all service to self and service to others, where are we on the planet. Isn’t that what is all about, service to self and service to others. Cobra  ok, the key here is to have balance, the key here is not to neglect yourself but not to neglect other also, to have balance and then a question like that has a simple answer: you can have all the fancy cars and all the fancy planes but you will not be happy, because something is missing in your life. On the other hand, you can have all the poverty consciousness and be very spiritual and you won’t be happy either. So, the key here is to create a balance between the physical and the spiritual and then yes, you can work for the good guys and yes, you can still have the fancy cars and the airplanes. That’s the key. So, I think this is the answer that should be given to that gangster and that is the way to create a positive network of people working for the light and having the abundance and having the good one. So this way of thinking I will support.   Benjamin  Yeah, I did tell him, look, you could still have your rich lifestyle and be a good guy but you know, until the actual control of the yen printing press, the dollar printing press, the euro printing press changes its hands, these people follow the money. Cobra  I do agree with that, on the other hand, because our people who are involved in this also, I am aware of that situation, we need to start manifesting this new paradigm among ourselves among your contacts Benjamin, also Benjamin  (yes) Cobra  people already, some people have already accumulated a lot of wealth and have a good potential and they can pull up the resources and they
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can start making the alternatives to the current system, they can start trading that money and then putting it into projects that can also change the situation and still have a good life.   Benjamin I’ve talked to the Asians about alternatives and they were pushing bitcoin for a while but then, they started to have second thoughts about it because they realised that at the end of the day its gonna fall under the control of the artificial intelligence and they rather have human control, so, what I suggested and we’re working on this, is a gold-back cryptocurrency as an alternative and we are working on this sort of thing.   Steve Isn’t the IMF doing that right now. Benjamin Well. The IMF and the Dubai and other people are trying to do things along this lines but the real question is: who actually has real gold? And that is something I’ve been chasing for 10 years and, you know, there is talk about this legendary caves full of gold and all that stuff, but I just haven’t seen the proof. So, that’s another issue, we have to find out, is this stuff really, where is it and I’ve been working on that too and we’re getting closer to the actual real stuff. But… Cobra Ok! The problem here is that you will not find the Gold because this was taken away by the Resistance Movement, a few years ago, so the bunkers are empty,…and is very good that you try to find evidence because we need to have proof of this, but the bunkers are empty, the gold is not here. Steve so that’s why we are not seeing it. Cobra yes!…the Rothschilds had some gold and it was taken away from them. Louisa  ok, we have China opening a credit line to Iran, we have Putin ordering the end of trade in U.S dollars at the seaports, we have a lot of changes, you know, South America is not trading oil with the U.S Steve  and they are threatening., to block China from the CIPS Louisa  so, where is this going Cobra, are we going to have this global currency reset? And supposed to be, supposedly, gold backed? if it’s not here is not really gold-backed… Cobra ok, the gold will be returned. Ok, I will explain: The Resistance, …actually, the current financial system is controlled
18  2017 The GoldFish Report

electronically through highly advanced A.I program of a  computer, which is physically located in downtown Manhattan, in the hands of the bad guys, and actually the whole banking network is controlled through that A.I network and this is the reason why the good guys cannot get into the trading programs, they are forbidden to enter into the trading programs, and even one of the good guys make a trade he gets disappeared, he gets lost. I had a case with one of my contacts and the trade was successful and completed and then there were billions of dollars just about to be put into good projects and the person disappeared. So, until the bad guys lose control, it is very, very hard to break this but when the positive military makes the change, makes this push, makes this final breakthrough for the event, then the Resistance Movement can enter with a virus into this computer program and just take over the financial system. It is just one virus that will spread around the world in moment of…in minutes. The whole banking system will collapse. And then we can introduce the new system. The new system will all be gold-backed but not completely gold backed because there is simply not enough gold to back up the whole amount of transactions taking place every day on the planet, but there is a need to be a partial gold anchor, simply for occult reasons, because gold is a physical anchor for the light in the physical plane. Steve ah Cobra  you need to have a solid physical anchor for the financial system …One of the reasons the Resistance Movement is against cryptocurrencies before the event is because most computers are windows operated. Every windows programme system has a backdoor to NSA and not the good guys in NSA but the bad guys there, and is also tied to the global financial system so one of the plans of the Cabal is to introduce bitcoin, to introduce all the cryptocurrency so that everybody uses them and then push the button and take over everything that you have on your computer. So, I would warn about Cripto-currencyes here because everything is windows based at the moment and that’s the back door is not the SAFE way to park money there. Louisa  ok, thank you Cobra, go ahead Benjamin! Benjamin yeah, all right, first of all, is interesting what Cobra says about PPP’s and the trading programs…I’ve run into the exact same thing where people
19  2017 The GoldFish Report

say they’re gonna put in a program, you know, use the money to turn into the desert screen .and stuff, and yeah, people have being poisoned, or killed or stopped or they had their account frozen to prevent things from happening, so we run into the exact same thing from different places, different ends of the planet. But the important thing is that money is a representation of reality. Reality is above money, so, you know, you have stuff and money is just symbolic of stuff and as long as we can control the stuff, the physical things that actually exist, then we can beat them and that was the strategy that the Asians have been taken, they’ve been saying, we don’t…we’re not gonna buy anything financial from you, we’re not gonna buy bondsor things, we want things that really exist,like real estate, gold, commodities, anything that we can touch, you know, and this has been slowly but steadily draining their financial swamp, and that’s why you have, for example, this incredibly bizarre farse of Steve Mnuchin, the U.S treasury secretary, showing up at Fort Knox on the Solar Eclipse day, on August 21., and saying , tweeting that gold is save. He didn’t say how much gold, he didn’t say…you know, it’s not what a treasure secretary is supposed  to do. He is supposed to be a real hard nose and to say, ok, we did an inventory and we’ve got so many tonnes of gold, and they bring the press in to take the photographs of it and stuff..ah hah…o, is gold fine, and they haven’t actually counted it since 1953, and now, a week later, you know, he didn’t full anybody, even by putting the bikini picture of his trophy wife out there, didn’t work, you know… and now we’ll gonna cut you out from SWIFT were gonna cut you out from SWIFT. All right, is like some dead bit gangster has been eating and drinking at the bar for free for 30 years and suddenly says, I’m gonna stop coming here- alright, by…you are not paying anyway, you are just causing trouble, go away. And that’s what I’ve been telling the Asians, don’t pay these people, don’t give them any more stuff and ignore their treats because they are bluffs. They do have these exotic weapons but so do the good guys and they’re not…this guys like being alive, they enjoy life, they’re not gonna commit suicide. Benjamin this is not gonna happen, it is too good for them. As long as we give them a choice, other than nuclear oblivion, they’ll take it, and that’s why I am saying, don’t listen to their bluff, say ether we’ll call your bluff on nuclear oblivion or you reform, these are the two choices. Then they’ll reform because they don’t want nuclear bluff.
20  2017 The GoldFish Report

Steve  but this all is taking too long, isn’t it, I mean, the thing is, I  agree with Cobra that if they are not going to share some of their wealth to the impoverished of the world so that they can come out and approach a spiritual life, then something,…military action have to take place, something has to happen, I agree with that, but I just still don’t understand why they just don’t get that they need to share a small portion and then there is enough for everybody. Louisa how much is enough? I mean, how much do you need, really, , to maintain that control? All of it? … are they psychopaths? I mean, there is no sense of reason and ration in all of them? Now, recently, Benjamin, there was a…I guess, TonY Gambino was released from prison and he made a very, you know, bold statement and I would like you and Cobra to comment on this, and he basically said that the Mafia works for the Vatican, would you like to comment on that? Benjamin  Absolutely, I ran into this first hand, you know, when I first…you know, the first people who came to me for the heroin dealing gangsters of south-east Asia and the CIA counterparts and, they pointed to the Vatican, so did the Rockefeller, so did the Rothschilds and I went there and I came into these people who worship the black sun and …that’s where all comes from, the physical trail leads to the Vatican, and you know, we’ve to get rid of the nasty German Pope and there has been a purge of the Vatican bank and supposedly good guys under Francis are in charge but they still don’t want to give up that control, they don’t want to have…they want to create a `world roman empire controlled by them` so eventhough Pope Francis is saying nice things or whatever, at the end of the day will be nice but we gonna stay in charge! And I’ve suggested the weak link in their control grid is Japan. When I was a financial reporter I was taken to a tour on the back of Japan, they showed me the computer room where all the yuan were being made, I know where it is, I’ve been trying to convince the U.S military, to go in there and just physically occupy the place. You know, actually send men with guns in the computer room and just grabs the yuen printing machine, because if you do that, that’s enough, it will put the whole thing in a tale spin. Louisa  hopefully, we have the paid troops to Japan, which I know about and of course, more troops to Afganistan, but Cobra, would you agree that this ultimately is the roadblocks are is control from the Vatican?
21  2017 The GoldFish Report

Cobra  Actually what Benjamin is talking about is the Jesuit network and the Archon families in Rome, they are ancient families that trace their lineage 2000 years ago, are the same families that were two thousand years ago in the Roman empire and they are the same people who reincarnated, that were Caesars in Roman time, some of them, not all of them but some of them. …that you have known the history of the bad crew of despotic rulers are the same that are now heads of the certain black nobility families in Rom and this is the Archon layer of control. There is one layer up, upwards from that which is called the Chimera group but archon layer is very close to a real occult power center on the planet, and many of those families are still physically located in Rome or in Italy. Benjamin I went to Italy and I met them and they told me that, according to their story, alright?, I don’t know, or what they told me is that 26,000 years ago they were given exotic technology like the ability to conjure up storms by aliens, and they were told to manipulate earth history according to a certain plot, which was aligned with movements of the stars and the planet and that something was supposed to happen at the end of it, and they said the plot ended in 2012 and that they just don’t know what’s gonna happen now and that a large group has been, they’ve been in power so long they don’t wanna give up, so, you know, they’re still trying to keep control but their tools aren’t working like they used to. And they did, as you say, ok, my own reporting on the ground in Italy in the Milan, that’s where they were trying to poison me, to stop me from revealing to the world what I saw and heard there, is that they’re …they claim that their controllers were E.T based in Basal Switzerland. Steve  were these be the archons? Cobra yes, yes, yes Steve  and artificial intelligence is the same thing? Cobra  artificial intelligence is just a program that is used by a certain consciousness, which is plasma-based, Yaldabaoth entity is a big plasma entity that has a computer numeral network as part of his physical body, and is just directing this from the plasma plane, plasma plane is part of the physical plane which is …you have solid physical, you have liquid physical, you have gas, physical and you have plasma, and plasma is actually ionised gas and is alive, and there is a structure of plasma around the planet that is actually a living entity and controls the A.I


Steve  ok, because Benjamin mentioned that the Cabal itself was afraid of using Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency because of artificial intelligence taking over. Benjamin no, no, this is not the Cabal, this is an asian secret society that, as far as I can tell is benevolent and they are trying to overthrow the Cabal Steve I understand, so Cobra, would you agree that that is possible, that they can take over the cryptocurrency? Cobra  actually, the artificial intelligence is already controlling the financial system to a certain degree, but Cabal is part of that, it’s I would say, an aggregate of … they have their own, quote on quote, unified consciousness in a negative way, they agree on their goals, so is like their parasitic coexistence that they have, with similar goals and this is what we are now trying to liberate us from. Steve ok. Cobra …. on the planet. Louisa  well, Cobra, isn’t that what this compression breakthrough is going to do,  to release all the negativity on the planet? Cobra  It is when the Light breaks through. We have a strong network of LightForces below the surface in their various underground bases, and we have LightForces above the planet, in the sky, in the mother ships. And we have this layer of control on the surface and the Light Forces are pushing from above and below through the surface and that’s why we are building our network of light to the surface, to support this energetic change, because it will be very strong, it will be huge, it will be very intense. KP  Some of us have been involved in planting the Chintamani stones around the planet, this is part of the bringing, …you know, we’re talking about compression from below the surface of the earth and above and this is what the Chintamani grid, one of the reasons that you brought up the Chintamani grid before? Cobra  yes, actually we need a conduit, you see, there we have something that can transmit the spiritual electricity which comes from above and from below, it needs to be transmitted through the surface without frying the surface, and this is why we have the Chintamani stones, to safely
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transmit that energy when it happens, when it hits the planet, because when it hits the planet, a part of the galactic wave coming from the Galactic Center through the solar system, activating the Sun, activating the planet. And all this purification that is happening now is a preparation for this. Louisa Kp, you had a mission recently, where you were, you know, working with the Chintamani stones and …did you wanna talk about that and your contribution, because I know..you don’t talk about it until after, you have completed it and  I think you have talked a little bit about your mission and what you have been doing throughout the Hawaiian Islands. KP               Well, this is, you know, I have been going around in different places for several years from now and is kind of like, these were spots that I felt were sort of …were asking for my input and…but the Chintamani yeah…I never was attracted to the Chintamani stone process, which, you know, I don’t know when Cobra first mentioned the Chintamani stones, but all of a sudden it was just clear to me that was one of the reasons that I was here on the Island was to be a part of that in Hawaii and the mission that I got, I realised back in July or June, that I will just buy some stones and I did the thing, you know, I did the thing with Cobra and someone else, but it seemed that it was clear it was important for me to go from, in sort of in a line, you know, starting at the east end of this island, of the Big Island, going from Kahoolawe to Mauna Kea then to Kauai, then to Oahu into the east end of Oahu, the west end fo Oahu and then the east side of Kauai and west end of Kauai. And that was kind of a mission, it was just type of… you know, whether the stones themselves, or me connecting with the stones throughout the Island chain and I…you know, it’s all part of a process, I think that so many people that …you know, we are all serving our roles here, we are doing our roles and, is not …it was finished, the main part was finished, as far as my doing that and that involves me spending the money, flying from this …you know, the different islands and unfortunately somebody has to do it and I am here and unfortunately I get to fly ont these beautiful fkights to each different island. There is one more part of it, it’s almost …I feel like it’s an activation, but all these things that I have been doing are connecting within and connecting with I feel is my guidance, my mission to do. And it’s like, there is one more part, and I’m not gonna say when I gonna go or when is gonna be but there is one more part that I definitely feel it is
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an activation of what has been done here on the islands. So, you know, fortunately, I don’t have to deal with the Japanese or the U.S mafia…I don’t have this kind of connections and you know, if that were my thing, well, I`m sure I would run into some characters like that but anyway, I just think is kind of  amazing and hilarious what we …the kind of roles that we play Benjamin      you know… Louisa Its a stage….go ahead Benjamin Benjamin      since I actually deal with this people for a long time …you got to remember, I started out as a financial journalist and I had a bad debt crisis in Japan and I end up, you know, and I followed finances, the trail leads straight to gangsters and who told me were just subcontractors, you know… Steve             is just business Benjamin       I was never trying to be a reporter about gangsters… but for example, there’s one guy I have met who was the top assassin for the Yamaguchi gang, or was before I met him,  his job was to cut people’s finger off, one knuckle at a time, to get the information he needs, and then he rolls the body in lead  and dumps them into the ocean. And I said, who do you work for?, and he said I work for the chairman of the Mitsubishi bank, you know, and it was like, this is where I start learning the banking, you know, was not as I thought, you know Steve It’s not healthy! Benjamin    …some of this people, ok, they give you the goose bumps, they’re really creepy, like, you know…but some of them you feel completely comfortable talking to them, is like you’re talking to a U.S army colonel in a bar, you are not at war with him so it’s ok, you know, it’s perfectly safe. But some of them are really creepy, that’s all I can say. Steve            I believe you. Benjamin      you know, I had no choice but to deal with these people because that is where the information is, but I make sure that, you know, I don’t give them any hook or any, you know, I don’t get involved in anything dark and just take my relationship purely to exchange the information, a kind of convince them to do good.
25  2017 The GoldFish Report

Louisa         I think is becoming very obvious, that everybody here is explaining a very important part of this process, would you agree Cobra? Cobra yes, we need people who talk with the gangsters, we need people who fly to the islands and plant stones in, every part of the spectrum to cover all aspects of transition. Louisa         I mean, we have this Autumn Equinox coming up, Cobra, what can we do, what …do you want to send a message to the viewers about, I think is a meditation scheduled and how can we use this, how…, what could we do for the highest good here? Cobra I would say that is time for the people to use their own inner guidance and to decide for themselves what they want to do for this equinox. Louisa ok, very good, but…and again, I think what Cobra has been very steadfast, he is always very steadfast, I really found very few, if none, no inconsistent statements from Cobra, although maybe some intel may have changed over time but …that everybody has to go within and  figure out what you feel compelled to do, that’s your soul a kind of guiding you and telling you what you can do and how you can contribute. And I always thank our viewers, because our viewers are doing what they feel they can. A lot of times they send story links, sometimes they send contributions and by the way folks, please, you know, know that people are out here not with big bank accounts supporting the things that we do. Cobra and KP and GoldfishReport and Benjamin, and we know Benjamin has been attacked, his PayPal account has been attacked and people are trying to usurp what we are doing, financially, so, please, feel free to contribute to the people who are bringing the information to you, because that’s how we get into bringing to you, but that’s one way people feel they can do something, even if it’s you know, even if contribution, it’s something and, but I think it’s on a deeper level, Cobra, what you are talking about is that…you know, here Kp found within himself, he knew a kind of…I think people are waking up, like you’re saying, in this cleansing process, this purging process, finding what they can do and how they contribute, and I think that there are some of us who, you know, obvious, everybody can see us, see what we are doing, but for those who feel like they don’t understand, can you give them some guidance, Cobra? Cobra guidance about what?
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Louisa about trying to figure out what role they can play, if they feel like they want to do something but they are not sure, I mean they are fearful maybe, of retaliation… Cobra           yes, ok!, it’s an inner journey, we all have that inner Higher Self and we need to learn to listen to it because each of us has come with a specific mission that nobody else can do and nobody else can tell you what to do. You can have guidance, I can post meditations, somebody else can have other courses of action, which is all good, but ultimately you need to go inside and find out what you need to do, you need to find the courage to expand your comfort zone and risk it and do it, because part of the planetary situation depends on you, not all of it, but a small percentage of it yes. If you don’t do your mission it will be harder for everybody else. So is part of the responsibility that you have, as you incarnated here, to try to make this world a better place in your own unique way. Louisa         Alright Cobra, thank you! KP               As we are moving forward, you know, each of us moves forward or upward, or whatever they want to call it, like there is, you know, I think Benjamin’s situation was a great example of how adversity…is like a stone put on our path, a big rock, we learn to step, use those stones as stepping stones,  climbing up. You know, everybody has had this, you know, we find something in our way and say, oh, ok, well, I can either bitch and moan about it, which, you know, sometimes its what we got to do, we bitch and moan and, ok, I’m done bitching and moaning now, so what can we do? And, you know, Benjamin, had this thing stopped, his financial was stopped, a lot of people have had this, whether is on youtube, people advertising with youtube, and now all the sudden there call it add-apocalypse, they can’t make any money now, more on youtube…but they found other ways and so is like, using this…not viewing this things I think it’s an inner conscious choice, we can either be blocked by this and say `I’m gonna quit´, or we can say, maybe another way is possible. Benjamin     you know, when I was young, I spent a year living in a tent, you know, in the wilderness and so, being blocked from PayPal is, you know, that’s …I’m not gonna starve to death, life goes on but, you know, you have to find other ways, I set up a new system, you know, you just…you have to keep going and keep going and don’t let them get you down and
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just, you know, they’re loosing and they are desperate, that’s why they are doing these things that are obviously morally wrong and futile at the end of the day, you know, they are not gonna …Did they think somehow I would stop writing my articles Because they cut off my PayPal? They’re naive, do you think I am writing this for the PayPal? No, of course, I need to pay my bills, just like everybody else does, but I am doing this to let people know what’s happening on the planet, and I do it even if I get 0 for it. You know, Louisa exactly! Benjamin but yeah, I do have to earn a living like we all do Louisa           They are just trying to make our lives, you know, uncomfortable, this is what they’re trying to do, whoever the powers that be who are doing things like this, they are just trying to .. I think, maybe we have come to a point, a threshold, maybe they have come to a point where they realized, you know, taking…I think it was theit M.O. was just to take people out all the time, who would expose and bring this kind of information to the public. But there is to many to do that now, Steve Yeah… Louisa          I think there is too many to do that now, and is double way too much to the back clash because there are so many people waking up now, that if something would happen to you, or to Cobra, or to me, or to Kp, we’re gonna stop and ask what’s happened, and other people too, like Corey…and they do, …when Corey has been attacked and David Wilcock, you know, people take notice and it changes the consciousness so, go ahead, do you want to make a comment, Benjamin? Benjamin               I just, well, I just, you know …the tricks they have used, I mean, ok they…I have experienced most of it, they’ve tried to kill me at least five times, they tried to bankrupt me several times, this is not the first financial talk and won’t be the last ….you know, I had a huge network of contacts when I was working at Forbes  and then somebody was systematically going around to all these people saying, oh, Benjamin Fulford is taking drugs and is going crazy, you shouldn’t relate to him anymore, like character assassination, and then disinformation, they’re trying to say, oh, you know, he is writing crazy stuff about, the UFO-s and he’s lost out of the reality, they keep trying and keep trying, but, as
28  2017 The GoldFish Report

you pointed out, there are too many of us now, their tricks aren’t working and as long as you stick to the Truth and when they do get disinformation for you, you just make a correction, `the Truth will set us free´, and they are afraid of the truth, and that’s the sign that they are loosing Louisa …the Truth will set us free..if they don;t take us out first.. Go ahead, go Steve Steve,            I have a question for Cobra.Look, It seems to me that this is just `old horse trading`what’s going on in the background, from listening to Benjamin, Cobra, everybody. This is power groups that are on a gravy train, they don’t wanna give up their money, their perks, so why don’t…this is a question to Cobra, why don’t we just make a proposal, an equitable proposal for a new financial system, right now, and propose it all, so that they don’t need to fight anymore and threaten each other with nuclear weapons? Cobra           it is simply because those power interest groups have committed serious crimes, and their biggest fear is exposure and they know, if we have equality for everybody, if we have…IF they will not suppress everybody completely with mind control, with media and everything, the truth will come out, it is their biggest fear. And when the truth comes out, people will be extremely angry…look at the French Revolution, and this is the real fear of the Cabal, of those Illuminati networks ..what happens when people find out about child abuse, about all the experiments, about everything that happened. Louisa but they are going to anyway, Cobra Steve           they are in the corner, yeah Cobra            they are in the corner and that’s why they are so reactive right now and this is why we have to be careful, and why to steer this transition in a way that will not destroy the planet Steve wow Benjamin       I’ve been trying to say, you know, from day one, like South-African style ruth and reconciliation committee, is not for to put these people in a corner, where they have no choice but to fight to the death, and that’s…you know, I know that a lot of people are not gonna be in a very
29  2017 The GoldFish Report

forgiving mode when they hear about a lot of this things but, you know, the important thing is saving the planet and, but there may be other things going on at an even deeper level that is afraid of. For example, one thing that really bothers me and a lot of us is death, and the fact that we all die, which apparently is preventable, and maybe, ok, there is heaven and the eternal life but we’re talking about this here-now, why do we get old and decay and die, why they suppress any efforts to prevent that from happening. Just recently in Japan they arrested a bunch of doctors who were giving people treatments with baby umbilical chord blood who apparently rejuvenates them, nobody was harmed but, you know, they actually arrest the doctor who tries to stop aging… Steve Prolong life, Benjamin Prolong life. I know a very famous researcher in Canada who had all his funding cut off when he tried this. You know, he is maybe winning a Nobel Price soon for his work in genes and yet, as soon as he tried to look at mortality and immortality he was cut off, and they said, no, no we won’t fund you for doing that… Steve,           why is that, Cobra? Cobra          ok, we are now touching very deep subconscious issues here, fear of death is one of the deepest programmes that we…that the Cabal has created and that we, as humanity, as a species have received and this is the basis of financial control. People struggle with their jobs, make compromises because they are afraid to die of hunger, this is the biggest fear, and this is why exploitation of humanity is even possible. The Light Forces have the technology to overcome that, it is possible to make human body immortal. The Resistance Movement has that technology, that technology will be given to humanity after we liberate the planet. So, immortality is not an issue here, the issue here is fear of death which is part of the program, of the control program. And when you overcome the fear of death, then you are free, then the Cabal cannot control you financially because you are not afraid to die, and when you are not afraid to die, your inner power expands, you get creative, you can do things independently from the control system. This is the Key here. Steve yeah, is just part of the control program Louisa          but thank you, Benjamin, for being honest,
30  2017 The GoldFish Report

Steve excellent Louisa,          it was a very honest answer Benjamin      …there is something I do want to point out, I know exactly what Cobra is talking about, years ago I was told that a murder contract was put out on me by the gangsters and that I was gonna be killed and that is nothing I could do about it and I went to the headquarters of the Yamaguchi-Gumi crime gang, where the people had the contract Steve (knocked at the door) Benjamin      and I megaphoned them, you know, and put up on youtube, at that point thou, I have made a decision, I was ready to die and having once made that decision, ok, I’ll really die for this, then yes, the birds then lifted, you’re not afraid of death and it’s suddenly much easier to live. They can’t scare you anymore.   Louisa         absolutely not, when you have an out of body or a near-death experience, you definitely have no fear of those things, I mean, Cobra, you can probably explain that a little bit, right? Cobra          basically, you don’t need to have an out of body experience, you just need to know that you are your Higher Self, you are immortal, your physical body might not be but you are. Even if you lose that body, you can get  another one, you can get a clone in the resistance and walk up to the surface smiling, five minutes later Steve            crazy idea… KP some of us drink mocca every other day… Louisa here Steve            we don’t have our secrets KP KP              or their favorite Sashimi as Huni, you know, that’s, for some people, that’s…that’s a fearful thing, I mean, you can’t-do that Steve immortality KP                 but I do agree with the whole …you know, I don’t put up this …if you try to defend yourself all the time, and that’s one thing I have a challenge with the term `attacks`, you know, if you see yourself as a… I don’t see myself as being attacked in any way shape and form. I mean, the adversity it presents itself, when you move forward, in a way that your intent is to heal the planet, to help the planet, a lot of times yes, adversity is a natural thing that will be put in your path but its just like any stone and any obstacle, you know, we can use it as a stepping stone, a stepping place…for me is not a big deal. Is just, ok, well, this happened and that happened and that little thing happened, well, you know, I just personally, I don’t view those things as attacks, I just view them as, all right, something to deal with. So, then I still feel having a mocca can help, I still feel, get some `Uni´, you know, and Benjamin, I tell you, one day I’m gonna have Uni with Benjamin, I hope that. Louisa          well, gentlemen, we are approaching almost the one hour and a half, so I would like to ask everybody to start kind of giving some closing comments and if you have comments on anything anybody had said as far, I know I did talk about some things that didn’t get answered but it’s ok, why don’t we start with Benjamin, did you wanna, what did you want to leave our viewers today, where do you see things going and can you leave us with some hope? Ben yeah, you know I am, I can say, very down to earth, here-now, real world I can see and verify with my own senses and I am meeting people who are actually involved in this at a planetary level and I have been telling them, we have a really, really, real chance, the strongest I’ve seen in a long time, of actually taking things over the edge, for the next several months. The key is to not provide anymore financing for the Cabal in Washington DC.,…we have to take their regime down, and I think it might happen, I am pushing forward, I am not just sitting here passively waiting for it, I have given the U.S military, positive military a list of people that they need to arrest in Japan to make the change happen here, because if it happens here, it will happen in the U.S and everywhere else. This is the key, and this is the weak link in their control grid because they haven’t had control over Japan for very long time and there is a fundamental goodness to these people and this country, and they have the money, they are the people who are being exploited the most to keep the dark side going and we can cut that off, here. They have a very weak control system here. There’s gonna be a new admiral for the Pacific command after Harry Harris resigns at the end of this year and I have been told he might finally get the arrest happening here in Japan and  I am telling you, there is a real chance of making it happen and I am
32  2017 The GoldFish Report

pushing for, I am not just sitting in the path of it, I am lobbying  for it, I am calling people for it right now I am going to the meetings of various people, to try to make it happen and I think we should all to do that, it’s really close, I think. You know…I don’t want to give dates but they kicked the can down for December. Let’s end it in December, that’s my view. Louisa but what the individual people can do?…what can you ask individually…like you are like, you know, fighting by yourself Benjamin      individual people can…first of all, whatever is closest to you is the most important. So, make sure your dog and your kids are happy before you worry about, you know, China or North Korea or stuff like that, you know what I mean? Like, then …but what people can do, they can pick up the phone and call newspapers and politicians and say, why are you doing this, you know, and they can… Steve            (put pressure on these people) Benjamin      put pressure on these people, from bottom up, because it´s a very small group at the top and if you get a pressure from the bottom, like people in the military goes up to the chain of command, saying, why is this going on and the pressure becomes irresistible…and getting informed and trying to make sure you are not being fooled with disinformation, you know, checking facts yourself Steve better like attention… Benjamin      and above all trust your own senses, the real world that you can see with your own eyes, the things that you actually notice yourself are much more important then fantastical stuff you see on the internet. Steve right… Louisa         that’s very good, thank you, Benjamin, and has been a pleasure to have you on Goldfish Report. Steve absolutely Louisa            yes! Cobra, what would you like to let to leave our viewers with, today? What kind of positive, hopefully positive, hopeful message of some kind. Cobra           ok, I will not give any dates but yes, we are making big progress and is always most challenging just before the breakthrough and the reason why this year was so challenging was simply because we are dealing with
33  2017 The GoldFish Report

the real issues, we are finally resolving this stale mate position at the very top, it is being resolved right now. So, the reason why it was so tough is because we are right before the breakthrough, I know, it’s not gonna happen this week, it’s not gonna happen today, but it’s gonna happen in a foreseeable future and we just need to keep going, keep going, keep going and never give up and we will get there. Louisa          all right, thank you Cobra and thank you so much for joining us and making your contribution to this, it was a very important roundtable today. KP what would you like to let our viewers with today, what kind of message, hope? KP                I completely go along with what Benjamin and Cobra have stated and yeah, we are there, I mean is very close, very very close …and is just like…there is not much more than I can add, I just feel like …follow your inner guidance, follow your mission, you know, if you have a mission like that…maybe your mission is just to take care of your cat and your dog and your wife or your husband or whatever that is, but I think so many people are waking up to who they are, what are they here to do or to be and that’s what I am looking for. Louisa          well, KP, so much for joining us and your contributions were… I mean everyone’s contribution it was so phenomenal and in such a different ways. We are all kind of meshed, and you can see the relationship between all those different kind of areas and I just thought it was really phenomenal, and what an incredible time, and Steve, do you have anything would you like to say? Steve            I just like to say, it was a great pleasure to experience the dynamic of this meeting. I felt that everybody in their own way connected to move things forward in a very stately way but very powerful way and I was just…it gave me great hope, to listen to this people speak and to feel that there is hope, and that these people have a limited time and that the more we concentrate and take our own …be active in waking ourselves up, the greater the hope and the closer the change will approach. That is what I would like to say, thank you very much! Louisa           thanks, Steve, thanks for co-hosting with me, you’re always my lifesaver and have my back. Folks, this was really an incredible and I am very privileged to be able to host this and bring this to our viewers, just realise that is so much more we can do, listening to the opinions of the guests
34  2017 The GoldFish Report

who are on this report today, don’t underestimate how powerful you truly are and the impact you can make. It seems that everybody’s message was: you need to do more, we need to do this ourselves to so much more than we can do ourselves and that we need to believe in ourselves and that we can do this. Certainly overcoming fear and death is a really good start because then you really will become more empowered like Cobra said. So, there is so much more than you can do and I hope that this inspires all of you who are listening, all the viewers. I wanted to just remind our viewers that…please share this far and wide, everywhere that you can because you know that the algorithms on youtube and facebook have been censuring a lot of reports, a lot of media out there, so really do your share and pass this around and let this go viral and really inspire and share this information because the more we wake up, the quicker we wake up, the more our consciousness expands, the quicker we can bring about changing our planet, that’s good for everybody, something egalitarian not where is more for few and less for more people, this is how we have been and we want to change that paradigm. So, please do what you can because and if all you can do is really making a contribution to any of this websites, please do so because it all helps, keep this information going. And having said that, I want to thank everyone again and I want to wish our viewers and to all the guests today on the Goldfish Report that THE FORCE IS WITH YOU!,  and don’t forget your inner child…and enjoy life, is stressful but we’re going to get through it and don’t your inner child and your joy. And having said that, I wanna thank our viewers for watching, and this concludes this edition of The Goldfish Report.

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