Breaking! Trump Uses the Old Trick of Distractions from the REAL issues = Smoke & Mirrors like: TakeAKnee Goes Viral, Now Everyone Is Doing It+Colin Kaepernick Stood Up for Justice by Kneeling

Anyone pissed off with anything is doing it, upsetting the so called, Ignoramus, Warmongerer, EGOcentric to the Max a Mad Potus, that’s creating chaos with stupid, low class, insensitive tweets that might ignite a WW3 and highly putting the American People and all humanity at risk.

The #TakeAKnee movement is growing by the day, and has now morphed into a grand symbolic act of protest against intolerance, injustice and authority; not what football quarterback Colin Kaepernick originally intended.

President Trump’s disparaging remarks about athletes who kneel during the National Anthem as a form of protest, has stirred up a social movement, with activists from all walks of life.

Even psychologists are now doing it.

Stevie Wonder has already done it to save America and the world.

People who take the stance say it is not something personal against President Trump, nor is it anything to do with respecting the flag or honoring the military, but everything to do with patriotism, and the fundamental laws and basic rights afforded by the constitution.



On Tuesday, a number of scientists who coordinated on Twitter will take a knee in support of the protest movement started by Colin Kaepernick. From a blog post by Melissa Bates, a psychologist at the University of Iowa and the woman who first suggested the idea:

“Whether you’re alone, or with a group, I encourage you to stop for a while on Tuesday and to take a knee. You can take a picture and post it to Twitter or other social media.

 “Let’s show the world that scientists stand in solidarity with our fellow citizens against discrimination and in support of our right to protest mistreatment of American citizens by our government.”

As Bates makes clear in her post, the scientists are protesting what Kaepernick originally intended: police violence against the African-American community. But whether she realized it or not, the psychologist moved past a singular issue and touched on the core of the movement when she urged her colleagues to back those “bravely exercising their right to challenge their government.

It’s all over the news that #TakeAKnee is spreading, from professional athletes on down to high school football teams, celebrities, and even a group in Congress. Now, the scientific community has joined, as well.

The movement is spreading for the simplest of reasons. It’s become a symbol. More accurately, a symbolic act. A physical act of silent, peaceful protest. It’s not marching in the streets or writing a letter to your elected official. It’s simply taking a knee.

Are we to believe that each of these scientists will play the national anthem from their smartphones before snapping those shots and posting them to social media? Of course not. Because it isn’t, and never really was, about nationalism or the flag. As “Dirty Jobs” star and “Returning the Favor” host Mike Rowe said on Facebook on Sunday:

In my view, the real controversy here isn’t about patriotism, social justice, racial inequality, or free speech. It’s not even about the flag or the national anthem. It’s really only about one thing — what we will tolerate, and what we won’t.

As Bob Cook astutely pointed out for Forbes on Tuesday, through his insistence on engagement, the American president has shifted the focus onto himself:

As Trump has done with so many things, he’s turned a simple, powerful protest about race played out during the anthem — a short statement in full view, not interrupting anyone but something you can’t ignore — into something all about him.

So as the #TakeAKnee movement spreads across diverse sociological demographics that aren’t often asked to stand for the national anthem — such as the scientific community — how long will it be before taking a knee is a protest directly against Donald Trump the man?

If Rowe is correct, and I believe he is, then the movement is really about tolerance — and how much we’ll put up with. Certainly, Kaepernick was originally stating that he will no longer stand — quite literally — for racially-motivated police abuse.

If Cook is correct, and a quick glance at current headlines suggests he is, then the president has transformed the movement by thrusting himself into the discussion. It’s no longer about protesting police violence. As Melissa Bates wrote, it’s about challenging the government.

The fact is that #TakeAKnee marks the first push of any heft against the Donald Trump administration. The anti-Trump Washington establishment and their partners in the mainstream media — all still sore that The Donald beat the system and gained the White House — continue to bark about Russian collusion in the election.

It’s a tired strategy that has gotten them nowhere but, quite honestly, they probably don’t know what else to do. All the rules went out the window when Trump entered the Oval Office.

Meanwhile, people are taking a physical stance against their government. The power of a symbol is that it speaks without words. And the symbolic act of taking a knee in protest, in defiance, says more in mere moments than anything uttered on Capitol Hill ever could.

If the movement survives and continues to be shaped and reshaped by Trump’s comments, then he shouldn’t be surprised when the symbolic meaning behind taking a knee gets reshaped along with it.

Mike Rowe says the movement is all about tolerance. If things progress on their present course, one day soon the real question behind #TakeAKnee will be…how much will we tolerate from Donald Trump?



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Colin Kaepernick has not been involved in “off-field” scandals, has committed no crime, and has donated almost $1 million to community organizations over the last year, yet the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is considered an outcast for kneeling during the national anthem.
Some say it’s because football is no place for politics. Not true. Gameday at every American stadium includes people waving signs endorsing candidates and offering literature for this or against that. Singing the anthem while jets fly overhead is a political moment. On the field or in the stands, standing at attention with your hand over your heart is a political statement.

Politics at football games is as American as apple pie.

Some say kneeling for the anthem shows disrespect. Respect and love for America doesn’t require blindness to America’s failure to honor its promise of racial justice and equality. Does standing for the anthem mean these failures don’t matter? Does standing show pride that America waited 89 years after the Civil War to acknowledge that Blacks were “good enough” to go to school with whites? How proud are we that in 2017 America’s schools are just as segregated as in 1954?
Kneeling for the national anthem is not lack of support for America’s successes any more than standing for the anthem is support for America’s racial justice failures. As Kaepernick’s 49ers teammate, Eric Reid, put it: “What Colin and Eli (Harold) and I did was peaceful protest fueled by faith in God to help make our country a better place. And I feel like I need to regain control of that narrative and not let people say what we’re doing is un-American. Because it’s not. It’s completely American.”

Kaepernick silently knelt, making no attempt to disrupt the singing of the anthem. He did not try to prevent anyone from standing. This textbook nonviolent protest is totally American.
Some say Kaepernick disrespected the military. Recognizing America’s failure to achieve racial justice and equality shows no disrespect for our military. Our military heroes fight for freedom, for the principles of racial equality and justice, not for a song or a flag. We honor them most not by singing a song but by respecting the values they fight to protect.
In 1939, Mary Bethune said about Black soldiers, “We have fought for America with all of her imperfections. Not so much for what she is but for what we know she can be.” Kaepernick is asking us to realize our true potential.
The anthem, after all, reflects America’s early connection to white supremacy. The third verse celebrates the murder of slaves:
“No refuge could save the hireling and slave,
Stop sending weapons of war to our communities

Take Action Now
from the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave.
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”
When the anthem celebrates the murder of your ancestors, maybe it is time to remind people of American values.
In demonstration of complete ignorance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings and beliefs, Clemson University’s football coach Dabo Swinney claimed King would not have supported Kaepernick. Anyone with actual knowledge of what King stood for knows he would have rejoiced at a rich, Black athlete risking fame and fortune by nonviolently protesting for justice. If college athletes are being taught something different it is blasphemy, not truth.
Kaepernick isn’t the first athlete to speak out, though he does it without the perils to those who came before him. John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised fists and were kicked out of the Olympics. Muhammed Ali refused to step forward in his draft line; he lost his title. Jackie Robinson was in a WWII segregated military unit and refused to stand up when he was ordered to the back of the bus, taking a court-martial instead.
Today Robinson is an American icon. No player in Major League Baseball wears number 42 —  except for one day of the season when all players on all teams wear it.
Robinson wrote about his first World Series game: “There I was, the black grandson of a slave, the son of a black sharecropper, part of a historic occasion. … As I write this 20 years later, I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag; I know that I am a black man in a white world. In 1972, in 1947, at my birth in 1919, I know that I never had it made.”
Kaepernick surely had it better than the Black athletes who came before him, but there simply is no denying how pervasive racial injustice remains in our country. His critics might not want to be reminded of racial injustice while watching football, but imagine if they had to live with it.

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US President Donald Trump says it is a privilege in America for blacks, or others less fortunate, to be earning millions of dollars in the NFL or other sports leagues.

Over the weekend, Trump protested against players who denounce racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem, by a series of tweets and remarks, calling them “sons of b – -“ and people who don’t “respect America”.

President Trump told a crowd in Alabama on Friday: “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say ‘get that son of a b**** off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. ‘



Owner of New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, criticized his old friend Trump, saying he is “deeply disappointed” by the comments.

americaabc News reports:

“There is no greater unifier in this country than sports, and unfortunately, nothing more divisive than politics,” Kraft said in a statement tweeted by the Patriots.

The team’s CEO added that he supports players’ rights “to peacefully [effect] social change.”

“I think our political leaders could learn a lot from the lessons of teamwork and the importance of working together toward a common goal,” the statement said. “Our players are intelligent, thoughtful, and care deeply about our community and I support their right to peacefully affect social change and raise awareness in a manner that they feel is impactful.”

The public disagreement comes only months after the Patriots made a formal visit to the White House in April during which Kraft called Trump a “very good friend.”


Kraft’s comments came shortly after President Donald Trump on Sunday morning turned his attention to NFL fans in his feud with the league over players who kneel in protest during the national anthem, saying many people “stay away” from the games “because they love our country.”

The president also suggested that if fans refuse to go to games due to the protests, “you will see change fast.”


Trump’s tweets Sunday came just a couple of hours before a series of NFL games scheduled for the day begin.

Earlier, on Saturday night, the president slammed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for speaking out against Trump’s condemnation of kneeling players and statement that team owners should fire those players.

Goodell is “trying to justify the total disrespect certain players show to our country,” Trump tweeted.


Goodell did not mention the president by name in his statement earlier today.

“Divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities.”

NFL players across the league and their union — and even some team officials — were more direct in their response to Trump’s criticism Friday night of the handful of NFL players who have kneeled or sat on the bench during the national anthem performed before games over the past two seasons. The practice was most famously done by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick, who is currently unsigned, began kneeling in the preseason in 2016 as a sign of protest over the treatment of blacks in the U.S.

Trump, speaking at a rally in Alabama on Friday, said, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of the NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say ‘Get that son of a b—- off the field right now?’”

“You know, some owner … is going to say, ‘That guy who disrespects our flag, he’s fired,’” the president said to thunderous applause and cheers.

The president of the NFL Players Union, which represents current and former players, released a statement on Saturday: “The balance between the rights of every citizen in our great country gets crossed when someone is told to just ‘shut up and play.’”

Union President DeMaurice Smith acknowledged in his statement that “the peaceful demonstrations by some of our players” haven’t been universally supported, but “have generated a wide array of responses.”

But, he added, “Those opinions are protected speech and a freedom that has been paid for by the sacrifice of men and women throughout history … No man or woman should ever have to choose a job that forces them to surrender their rights.”

Hours later Trump fired back at his critics, tweeting that it was a “privilege” for athletes to earn a lucrative career in professional sports.


San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York weighed in Saturday afternoon, called the president’s comments “callous and offensive” and “contradictory to this great country stands for.”



Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross did not refer to the president directly, but said in a statement the country “needs unifying leadership right now, not more divisiveness.”



Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll released a lengthy statement on Saturday evening supporting players’ right to protest.

“In this incredibly polarizing time, there’s no longer a place to sit silently. It’s time to take a stand,” Carroll said. “We stand for love and justice and civility. We stand for our players and their constitutional rights, just as we stand for equality for all people.”

Deep State Admit They’ve Brainwashed Trump – Liken Him To George W. Bush



The Deep State has just admitted that Donald Trump is now under their control – likening him to Barack Obama and George W. Bush – who were brainwashed puppets. 

The founder of the Project for the New American Century, Bill Kristol, boasted to MSNBC this week that Trump was now firmly under control of the Neocons.

“The people around Trump have gotten more of a grip on Trump, I think, in foreign policy, than I would have expected… This is a more normal speech by an American president than I might have thought three, four months ago,” Kristol said. reports: For those who don’t remember, with the help of mainstream media—from The New York Times to Fox News—after 9/11, Americans were duped into accepting endless war by George W. Bush thanks to a constant bombardment of lies sold to the masses under the guise of “protecting freedom.” All one needs to do to realize no freedoms were protected by these wars, in which thousands of Americans died and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were slaughtered, is look around today.

With every action recorded, phone tapped, innocent family surveilled, right stripped, and citizen killed by their government, the term “Freedom” has become a mere symbolic representation of the brittle shell of America left behind after being gutted by unelected operatives in the deep state hell bent on total control and perpetual war.

Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and other neocons hailing from the notorious Project for the New American Century (PNAC), co-founded by neoconservative extraordinaire, William “Bill” Kristol, had their agenda of military hegemony clearly laid out, years before 9/11 which Bush would implement for them perfectly.

After Obama promised to end the wars, he quickly fell in line and started several more. And now, this very same thing is happening with Trump.

The deep state neocon/neolib faction has become so successful at shifting the narrative toward irrelevant infighting that no one even notices when their candidate gets into office and does a 180 on damn near every promise they made — Trump included. Here are just two powerful examples of Trump selling out to the deep state.

Saudi Arabia. Before Trump was elected, he admitted that he knew Saudi Arabia funded 9/11. Now, as the world finds this out, Trump gives them hundreds of billions in weapons and calls them our allies.

Afghanistan.  Before he was elected, Trump was vehemently opposed to the quagmire in Afghanistan and called it “stupid,” “wasteful,” and “dangerous.” Now, just like his predecessors, he’s doubling down and send thousands more troops into an unwinnable war in which they will kill or be killed only to come home with PTSD or worse.

Dare we say, “We told you so”?

While many had faith that Trump would keep his promises, the fact is that all presidents are puppets and no matter who is in office, the shadow government always wins.

The deep state is so brazen, that the founder of PNAC actually took to MSNBC this week to admit they’ve finally gotten a grip on Trump.

After Trump made his UN speech, promising more war and to annihilate the millions of citizens in North Korea if they should make one wrong move, Bill Kristol himself went on MSNBC to praise him for it.

Kristol said Trump “sounded a little like George W. Bush to me” and that “for all of Donald Trump’s America First talk and repudiation of the Bush-McCain-Romney foreign policy,” it came across as “more standard,” even with the “Trumpian aspects.”

Kristol openly admitted that yes, Trump ran on a non-interventionist policy of peace and actually criticized Bush and Obama for their senseless wars, but now he is just like Bush. But it gets worse.

As to why Trump now sounds like Bush, according to Kristol, it’s because the deep state has officially attached their puppet strings.

“The people around Trump have gotten more of a grip on Trump, I think, in foreign policy, than I would have expected… This is a more normal speech by an American president than I might have thought three, four months ago,” said Kristol.

And just like that, on live TV, the neocon of neocons — who is an unmistakable member and policy writer of the deep state — said that Trump is now a puppet whose very strings are pulled by the Swamp he promised to drain, yet never did.

Yes, this is the same Bill Kristol who just two months ago called Trump a Jackass.

It’s not just the neocons who’ve noticed Trump’s transformation into a deep state neocon puppet either — lots of us have — including former Congressman Ron Paul.

“Who would’ve thought?” Paul noted before epically explaining Trump’s hypocritical transition.

Trump bashed W. and the Iraq War relentlessly during his campaign.

Now, the very same people who brought us the Iraq nightmare are giddy with excitement.

Neocons like John Bolton and Elliot Abrams are so happy to see this new Trump.

Today, the king of the warmongers Bill Kristol says Trump “sounded a little like George W. Bush to me”.

The people who have never been right, and have done unimaginable damage to the United States of America are gearing up to take us back into the abyss.

Donald Trump is their new W.

Welcome to the deep state Donald Trump, we hope you enjoy selling out your base.


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