Breaking! Huge Hole Appears In Cloud Formation Over Finland+Plans To Guarantee All Citizens A ‘Universal Income’

In the middle of Thursday morning on a cloudy day a huge round hole appeared in the skies over Helsinki.
The weather phenomenon was probably formed by ice crystals in the sky reacting with a ‘plate’ of droplets a bit lower down in the skies, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.
On closer examination it looks almost too perfect to have been caused naturally.

The formation appeared out of nowhere at nine thirty in the morning causing people to fear that a UFO was about to land or a tornado might appear from the giant hole. reports:


The hole appeared completely unexpectedly at half past nine in the morning and evaporated to the cloud, stirring only in the quarter.
Iltalehti’s reader Susan Grönholm in Hakaniemi on the way to work says that people are upset about the even tornado or thrombus that comes from the hole.
“The whirlwind comes and lacks us,” said the neighbor. Somehow it was already hidden in the store, Susan tells Iltalehde.
According to Susan, the aircraft was completely stalled at that moment.
– Quite silent, no blush, it was just there, he describes.
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Freezing Clouds
“It was wondered that,” commented the Meteorologist Paavo Korpela to Iltalehti, a meteorologist on the Finnish Meteorological Institute .
According to Korpela, this may be a phenomenon where, for example, the upper cloud layer drops ice crystals that get the lower cloud layer to freeze water.
– That cloud layer, which is now there, is about six to seven miles high, and the temperature is over twenty degrees frost. One explanation could be that if ice crystals come from above cloud layers, it causes very rapid liquid water freezing in ice crystals, where clouds will rain down and evaporate at the same time, “says Korpela.
In the upper cloud layer where the ice crystals fall, the temperature is up to fifty degrees frost.
– Starts this kind of freezing process and can spread horizontally. There has been such a reaction and it has spread about the same speed in every direction, which explains its roundness, he says.
FinlandUfoHole3 FinlandUfoHole4
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