#Breaking! (Videos) 2100 Shot + 400 killed during 2017 already! IL Commissioner Asks The United Nations To Send Troops Onto The Streets Of Chicago

The question Nobody is Asking is: Who is Providing the Weapons and Drugs to the gangs in Chicago? Small time gangs in Chitown do NOT have Airplanes or Resources to deliver them so Who is Providing those? Who Benefits with all the Violence? Somebody said: The alphabet Agencies just like in the bigger picture, there are negative evil forces within the federal or even local governmets that Need War / Violence to have the EXCUSE for their militarized police forces and bigger budgets! America the land of the free the home of the brave. The IRONY!?
Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin recently met with the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations during which he requested that the world governing body send troops onto the violence plagued streets of Chicago.
While no one can deny the fact that Chicago is essentially a warzone, the fact that a liberal city commissioner is planning to use United Nations peacekeepers to confront said violence should send shockwaves down the spine of any freedom loving American.
“We are headed to the United Nations to meet with the assistant secretary general to talk about the violence in Chicago, the gun violence in particular, the bloodshed that is taking place in too many of our communities, Boykin said at a press conference before the meeting.
Boykin then went on to stunningly reveal that he is actually seeking to have the United Nations police the civilian population in Chicago.
“Im hoping to appeal to the UN to actually come to Chicago and meet with victims of violence, and maybe even possibly help out in terms of peacekeeping efforts,” Boykins continued.
After being asked by a reporter why he believes using UN troops to curb violence rather than actual American police would be a good idea, Boykin revealed that he does indeed want the requested troops to essentially become the police in Chicago.
“They have been able to help in places like Africa, where they have sent troops in, sent forces in, to help protect minority and vulnerable populations, so frankly I think the same can be said for here in Chicago,” said Boykin.
While so-called conspiracy theorists have long believed that globalists forces would eventually send United Nations troops to the streets of America, we now have absolute, 100% proof that this is indeed the plan.
Liberal leaders in Chicago are now openly planning to declare martial law, complete with UN shock troops on the streets to police the American population.

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The UN has no business coming into our country, and Dahboo7 is right about this.  Racial divides are CREATED on purpose… diversion is a tactic.?
4 days ago
Who is it who said “never let a good crisis go to waste “? Hmmmmm…….?
The UN not only murders indiscriminately, they also loot and rape.  Time to wake-up. There are already thousands of UN vehicles and tanks docked in warehouses in Maryland and elsewhere, waiting for their orders to enter this country. When they do, they are NOT leaving. Wake-up folks. Stop this race gangs and class crap and see that everyone will be affected. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ObWUUwXhpA?
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